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Snowboard production for professionals and associations

Snowboard production for professionals and associations

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Dreeboard and its partners

You are a professional, an association ... we have the solution to develop your turnover or please your members, Dreeboard mass-produced snowboard or textile protections with your effigy.

This revolutionary concept allows everyone or to renovate a snowboard at low cost in a few minutes and to have a visual according to their mood or their desires, these stickers are made in triple layers to guarantee resistance to bumps and scratches when practicing their sporting activity or simply when waiting on the chairlifts when your neighbors keep putting their skis on your snowboard.


Our typical partners

- SHOPS: you have the opportunity to distribute our products or sell these products that you have created or personalized, this will bring real added value to your store, whether in terms of revenue and new services.

- SKI SKIERS: our snowboard covers will allow you on the one hand to advertise your boards with your logo and above all you will be able to easily renovate your snowboards without changing them as soon as they are damaged by your customers, moreover cover protects the board from any possible scratches which allows you to resell your used equipment in new condition.

- ASSOCIATIONS: take advantage of exceptional prices for clothes or boards with the effigies of your club, imagine a snowboard competition or the whole club with identical outfits and boards, you will become a real team !!!

Contact us

For all requests for quotes or information contact us on we will answer you as best as possible in order to provide you with a solution for future cooperation

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